I React Foundation is the realization of the group’s vision to empower the youth of India with skills that would give them a head start to a brighter and more prosperous future. Which has been tasked by the Government of India to skill 300 million people. Our vision is to train a million people in 10 years’ time, establishing a chain of skill development centers in every state. The vision of I React is to unleash the economic potential of India’s youth, thus boosting the Indian economy as well.

I React Foundation is an as an organization we strive to expand the hiring pool to prepare a long-term supply chain with strategic initiatives by training talent at different levels and locations using various training models.

The formula behind I React Foundation success in this competitive world is its qualitative education with constructive thinking and positive steps in order to accommodate more students who come with a lot of expectations. It maintains Total Quality Management (TQM) uncompromising in any aspect right from the Faculty to the infrastructure. Innovation is its inner strength to be in the race and to maintain a lead. More than a million students have been rolled out from this Institution fulfilling their aspirations in computer knowledge



To render services for aspirants to enhance their respective careers while providing skill training sectors using Information Technology and communication tools to the optimum level in order to meet the industries’ demands of the gaps and infuse the quality skilled workforce to industries for building up the skilled nation.



To be an innovative provider in skill ecosystem by imparting basics to advance level training, services, and solutions of the highest quality and deliver more value addition to meeting the industries’ workforce requirements.


I React Foundation has a standard list of the conventional curriculum as per NSQF level norms under NOS pattern consisting of short and long-term courses with duration ranging from 30/45/50/90 days to one year. Imparting training to Soft Skills, Mannerisms, Dress Code, Testing Tools and Internet Basics to meet the industries’ demand. The success mantra of I React Foundation  in today’s competitive world is its qualitative skill training, constructive thinking and positive steps in meeting the student’s expectation, which maintains Total Quality Management like experienced faculty, the infrastructure and the R & D department that works relentlessly upgrading the course contents for the betterment of the students.